How to use Wireless Charging Pad for Charging Devices Faster

how to use wireless charging pad

In this age of technology, you can never settle without electrical devices. No matter if it is your smartphone or the charger of the smartphone, you can never reach the peak if you do not use the state-of-art technology if this generation.

When it comes to charging your phone comfortably, you can easily rely on the wireless charger of these days. However, people usually get into a dilemma about using a wireless charger. Here, we will show you how to use wireless charging pad step by step.


Wireless Charging Pad User Guide: Step by Step Procedure


Step 1: Plug-In

First of all, you have to plug in the wireless charger you have in your house. You have to take the power cable of the charger first.

This charger is basically included in the phone package. You have to connect it to the charging pad that you have. Now, you have to take the other end of the cable and go to the power outlet and plug it in.

In this case, you have to make sure that the power outlet you have in your house matches the plug of the wireless charger. If you have a wireless charger plug that does not fit in the power outlet of the house, you cannot charge your smartphone.

In this case, if the power socket design does not match, go for a power adapter. The universal adapters usually suit every sort of plug. You can bear the universal adapters to plug in your wireless charger in other countries too. It is made to be used in every country.


Step 2: Placing Phone

Now that you have plugged in your wireless charger and set the charging pad, you have to place your android phone perfectly. You have to go to the charging pad and keep your phone on the top of the charging pad that is connected to the socket.

When you are charging your phone with a wireless charger, you already know that there will be no cable that is connected to the phone. Wireless chargers are designed for reducing the difficulties regarding the wires or cables. People often suffer difficulties regarding detangling cables and keeping the cables carefully so that they don’t get lost. But wireless charger lessens the possibilities of losing cables along with detangling wires every day.

So, now that you do not need any wires for charging your phone, the charging pad will do all its work! Yes, all you need to do is keep your phone on the charging pad and your phone will light up. It will give you notice that the device is charging.

Here, you have to keep in mind that, you can only place the phone on the charging pad properly by keeping the back of the phone on the pad. If you try to charge your phone by keeping the front display of the phone on the charging pad, your phone will never get charged.

Also, remember to take a look at the bar of the phone if your phone is charging or not. Sometimes, there can be issues and your phone may not get charged even after keeping the phone properly on the charging pad. So, check after keeping the phone on the pad if the phone is getting charged or not.


Step 3: Wait and Wait

The process of charging your smartphone with wireless charging pad is very easy. All you need to do is plug in, keep the phone and get back a phone full of charge!

Now all you have to do is waiting. You have to wait for the phone to get charged properly. If you have a regular Android phone and if you want to charge the phone fully, you have to wait till 2 hours. Within two hours, the wireless charger will charge your phone through the wireless charging pad easily.

However, the time of charging the smartphone highly depends on the model of your phone. There are smartphones that can get charged faster than the other phones. There are also smartphones that get charged late.

On the other hand, the time of charging highly depends on the battery of the phone. If you have a battery that is not good, you cannot expect the wireless charger or the charging pad to afford faster-charging speed. In this case, you can compare the charging speed with the other charging pad or wireless chargers so that you can understand if there is any problem in your charging pad or not.


How to use Wireless Charging Pad with Old Phones

  • If you have older phones, you might not get the same facility from the regular wireless charging pads of these days. However, there are also ways to charge your old phone through a wireless charging pad.
  • From any local gadget market, you have to buy a Qi receiver first. All you have to do is plug in your Qi receiver into the Smartphone’s micro USB port.
  • Now, hold the short cord and plug it into the micro USB port of your phone.
  • Now take the wireless charger. You have to connect the power cable to the charging pad. Now take the other end and plug the charging pad with the power outlet of your house.
  • Keep the Qi receiver between the back of your phone and the charging pad. When the receiver will come in contact with the pad, your smartphone will be charged.
  • After charging, take it off! Unplug the charging pad and take out your phone! Your phone is now fully charged.

Parcel Up

So, now you already know how to charge your phone with the wireless charging pad. In the same way, you can charge the laptops, tablets and other devices too. All you need to be is a little careful about charging your devices and know the process properly.

While charging, make sure that you do not overcharge the phone or other devices. Otherwise, it will harm the gears. If you do not have a wireless charging pad, get one and have fun!

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