Learn How to Enable Cookies in Different Browser

how to enable cookies

If you want the perfect rendering of web pages, cookies are important. But what if cookies risk the security of your computer? Of course, you do not like all the cookies in a browser. In this case, the best option for you is to enable the cookies you want and disable cookies you do not like.

Here, we will talk about how to enable cookies along with the disabling process.


Enabling Cookies in different Browsers


How to enable Cookies Internet Explorer

We are going to start these cookies enabling process by showing you how the process works on Internet Explorer. Later on, we will also talk about the most raved about browsers namely Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

The first step of enabling Cookies is getting into the Internet Explorer browser. After this, you have to select the TOOLS button and press it. After you have clicked it, you will see options named INTERNET OPTIONS. Here, you have to lock it. You will get another option named PRIVACY tab. You have to select it too.

Here, you will see the SETTINGS option. Under that, there will be a slider. This slider has the power to control your cookies. If you want to block all of the cookies, you only need to move the slider to the top and you will get what you wanted. On the other hand, if you want to allow all cookies, you have to press the slider and take it to the bottom. This process is very easy for enabling or disabling the cookies of the browser. After changing the position of the slider, do not forget to click the APPLY button on the bottom-right of the box.

When you start moving the slider, you will see that there are descriptions of the types of cookies which you want to allow or block by this browser on that specific privacy level. If you go down, the contents on the description box will change and if you go up, the contents will change again.

Here, we will mention the different options that you will be able to see when you move the slider up or down.


  • Block all the Cookies on the browser from all the websites. It will block all every sort of website from the browser and you will not see any cookies regarding that. It will also block the cookies from the website that does not contain any sort of privacy policy.
  • The second option allows you to block some specific websites from the browser. It can also block all the cookies from all websites that do not include a compact privacy policy. It can block the specific cookies that are able to save the information that will be used in future to contact you (the procedure of the contacts will be without your implicit consent and so, you can block them so that they cannot contact you.
  • You can also block third-party cookies keeping in mind that they do not include any compact privacy policy. You are also able to block the third-party cookies that you know will be able to save your contact information and will use this information in future to contact you for their own interests and without your consent. Here, you can also block the firstly-partly cookies that have the ability to save your information to communicate you.
  • Disable third-party cookies that do not contain compact privacy. Block the ones that can collect your contact data. This is basically the DEFAULT SETTINGS.
  • If any third-party cookies do not include a compact privacy policy, you can block it. You can prevent third-party cookies that can collect your personal information to contact you in the future.
  • You can allow and save cookies from different websites. If you have cookie sin your computer, the other websites will be able to read them.

How to enable Cookies Firefox

If you want to enable cookies in Firefox, you have to go to SETTINGS first. Now, you have to select OPTIONS. After selecting this, you have to go for the PRIVACY TAB.

Here, you will get several options. You have to go to the HISTORY option. Under that option, you will find DROP-DOWN Menu. Here, you will see CUSTOM SETTINGS for HISTORY. And there you go!

You will get a variety of options for Cookies. You can select whatever you want, easily! You can enable cookies here. You can also disable cookies if you want with the help of this process.


How to enable Cookies Chrome

The process of enabling Cookies in Chrome is easier than a pie. Yes, you can easily select options for enabling along with disabling cookies the way you want. First of all, you have to go to the TOOLS button. There, you will see a SETTINGS option. You have to select the SETTINGS option. Now, you have to scroll down the page and at the bottom, you will be able to see a link that says SHOW is ADVANCED SETTINGS. This link will take you to the settings options that are not mentioned on this page.

Now, your job is to click the link and enable your Cookies. The link will take you to a page where you will find an option named PRIVACY. Under these settings, you will be able to see CONTENT SETTINGS button. You are already here! Now, you are free to enable whatever Cookies you like and disable what you do not like. There are some images too. If you want to watch the larger versions of these images, you can easily click on the images and watch them!


How to enable Cookies Opera

There are a lot of Opera users that do not know how to enable cookies in Opera. However, this process is as simple as the Firefox ones. All you need to do is go to the SETTINGS option. Here, you will get a preference named Privacy and Security. All you need to do is settle for the Privacy and Security option.

You will see an option named COOKIES there. Under this specific option, you will get to know various options for managing the Cookies settings. You have to choose the kind of Cookies that you want here. According to your allowance, the Cookies option will be arranged. You can also select and disallow any Cookies on your Windows Computer in this procedure.


Wrap Up

Now you already know how to enable cookies and disable them. So, now your computer is completely safe from the cookies that can harm your computer and eventually you. To keep your life safe, enabling the right cookies and disabling the harmful ones are important.

If you want to utmost security, go through the process of enabling the right cookies and blocking the wrong ones. The only thing you need to do is select which sort of cookies you want!

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