How does Virtual Reality Technology Work and Impact?

Virtual Reality Technology

Yes, starting from the invention of the Sensorama machine to today’s Oculus Rift Headset, Virtual Reality has been through so many creations and discoveries. But still, there are some people that have not ideas about what it is. So, what is virtual reality? How does it work?

Let’s start with the first question. Virtual Reality, which is often called as VR, is basically what we call the third dimension. It helps the human being to explore and interact with a computer-generated environment that is 3D.

In simple words, virtual refers to near and reality refers to real-world experiences. so, virtual reality means near to real-world experiences. so, with the help of technology, an artificial environment will be created and you will get a taste of reality by seeing and listening.

Now, let us jump right into the next question. Here, we will be talking about how virtual reality works in detail. If you are interested, stay tuned!


Types of Virtual Reality

When it comes to knowing the application process of virtual reality, we think that you should know about the different types of virtual reality that exist now. There are confusions inside the technology world about the several types of virtual reality.

So, here, we will be talking about mostly excepted 5 types of VR.

Non-Immersive Reality

The virtual reality that you see in the VR flight simulator, this is something like that. You will need a PC along with required systems for this. You will also need headphones and joysticks. In this case, you will not be able to get the complete experience of the reality but you will be able to sense it to some extent only.

Fully-Immersive Reality

Here, you will need a powerful computer that I able to detect sight, sound and each and every movement. A head-mounted display and two monitors can afford you the complete experience of virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the sector of VR where you will be unable to differentiate between reality and the unreal world. The 3D mappings are something like this.


These are not fully immersive virtual reality but these are used in the VR games. This helps you to share your interactive experience with the people in the virtual world.



VRML which is known as a Virtual Reality Markup language is also a part of virtual reality. The opportunity of using virtual reality over internet has added another dimension to the technology word. You get to have real experiences through social media too!


Work Process of Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality highly depends on the VR Headset. This headset is basically a head-mounted display which is also known as HMD. The work of this headset is to block out the outside world and show you a three-dimensional world. When it blocks the outside world, you are going to provide your utmost attention to the 3D display and you will get to see a completely new view.

There are situations where the screen of this process is set for focusing to fill the entire peripheral vision of the users. As we have already said, it blocks the outside world for the user; he gets into the 3D world! When the user wears the VR headset, he feels like he is in the scene and he starts interacting with it which makes it NEAR TO REALITY!

Basically, the process that will call Virtual Reality starts here with the headset. The stimulation begins here. First of all, the user of Virtual Reality will install a game or an application on his console or PC and then, he will be able to get the 3D experience. In this case, he will surely need to get a VR headset first. After getting the game, the user will need to plug in the headset for getting the experience.

Once the user plug-in the headset and place it on his head, he has to adjust the peripheral vision first. After he is done with the peripheral vision adjustment, he will be able to use the motion controls. With these, he will be capable of controlling the experience on screen. Also, he might need to control the movements of his own body too.

Now, the user has to look around and in this case, the motion controls in the VR headset will start controlling the whole scene. When the scene pan across the screen of the VR headset, the headset will use motion control and will control the scene. This process will keep continuing until the user keeps the headset on his head. In the process, the scene will keep moving and the instructions will keep occurring. If the user moves his head, the interactions will keep continuing. If the user uses the controllers for looking around, the scene will move too!

Virtual Reality technology is improving day by day. In this century, VR has reached the heights of success. However, soon Virtual Reality will be available to all the people in the world. Even now, the headsets like Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift are easy to get and any of us can get it and use it!

The Samsung Gear VR is available for use with the latest smartphones by Samsung Galaxy. It affords the user amazing VR experience. It will convert the regular phone screen into a VR experience for you!

If you are using the Oculus Rift, you should know that it is one of the premier systems for smart home these days! There are incredible competitions among the other VR headsets. There are several types of VR headsets available in the market and they provide you incredible features. It is fantastic to see how technology is evolving and gifting us with newer amazing products related to virtual reality.


Parcel Up

The working process of Virtual Reality is not easy. The process is very much more complicated than we have described here. We have mentioned the basic details of virtual reality for better understanding. As the process is way more complex, the whole process is tough to understand in such short phrases.

However, if you want to know more about virtual reality, you will need to research more. Virtual reality has changed the world and sooner will change all our experiences regarding the real and unreal world!

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