The Best operating system for Programming: Programmer’s Choice

When you are here to get your name listed as a new programmer, the first thing you need to face is selecting among the best operating system for programming. So, what is the best operating system for programming? There will be hundreds of answers in reply.

In this situation, you have to keep in mind that the best operating system for you solely depends on what sort of programming you are going to do. The coding languages user interface, pre-installed tools, customizable facility, etc make a programming OS best for you.

So, let us have a look at the most loved operating systems for programming by the programmers.


Best Operating System for Programming


Ubuntu Gnome


Major Features

  • Open source Operating System
  • Includes many coding languages
  • Easy to understand
  • Tons of tools added
  • Pre-installed software included
  • Easy user interface
  • Runs almost everywhere


People that are little experience in the programming field will surely know the importance of Ubuntu as an operating system for programming. The operating system for programming requires so many coding languages. This is one of the most widely used OS for programming in the whole world. If you compare Ubuntu to Linux, you will find that Ubuntu Gnome is far easier to understand.

Ubuntu Gnome basically takes updates every six months. This operating system looks like the Mac OS and the desktop environment is amazing. For all the beginners out there, if you are confused if you can go with Linux or not, UBUNTU IS THE KEY!

It is built over Debian and it has a huge number of users. Moreover, the installation of Ubuntu is easier than the other operating systems. It basically comes with Unity and you can work on this with your tablets and touch screens devices along with the PC. Ubuntu is an open source OS and includes tons of tools. If you are up for pre-installed, you can never get your hands on better OS than Ubuntu.




Major Features

  • Clean user interface
  • Open source OS
  • Range of programming language
  • Based on UNIX environment
  • Basic tools are added
  • Easier to install command lines
  • Customizing capability

Yes, you can never avoid Linux when it comes to programming. No matter what you talk about programming, LINUX is a topic that will surely come between. Why? It is because Linux is one of the best-operating systems for programming and programmers highly agree to this. Let’s tell you a little secret, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu all are the children of Linux.

Most of the web servers like Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. are usually based on Linux OS and development environment of Linux is incredible and easy to understand. In most cases, if you are a programmer, you will need to use thousands of commands lines just like Vim or Git, In this case, these are very easy to install in the Linux OS.

It is because; Linux is a UNIX based environment. The basic tools and a lot of programming languages make it the best operating system for programmers. You get HTML, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby Vala, etc. coding languages here. Also, this is the best Operating System for Python Programming.

The customizing capability of this OS also makes it the most used programming operating system in the market.


Mac OS


Major Features

  • Cohesive user interface
  • Responsive and stable
  • Range of programming language
  • A Unix operating system
  • Objective C, Xcode, etc are available
  • Console command line and terminal

There are thousands of programmers who love using Mac OS as their operating system for programming. Why? It is because of the amazing quality Macintosh line affords. The Mac OS is known for being smooth as a programming OS. It is very much responsive and cohesive user interface of Mac OS makes it one of the best-operating systems for the programmers.

The Mac OS is very much swift and you also get Objective C along with Xcode. Here, the iOS Dev is added too. Though Android Dev can be done in the regular Windows operating systems, it can also be done here in Mac OS. When you are working in any operating system, the thing you should keep in mind is how to code or program. And your comfort zone starts with Mac OS.

If you want to get the best environment as a programmer, you cannot ignore this operating system. If you are new and want to try something that works great, settle for Mac OS X. It is entirely featured UNIX operating system. For web development where you use HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc, you can get the best results by using Mac OS operating system.


Windows 10


Major Features

  • Easy user interface
  • Developed by Microsoft
  • Paid versions available
  • Licensed operating system
  • Includes visual assistant
  • User-friendly OS
  • Recommended for new programmers

When it comes to the operating system, you can never ignore the presence of Microsoft Windows. If you are talking about the best operating system for programming, you have the right to choose Microsoft Windows. The latest update of Windows called Windows 10 will be great for you if you are selecting any operating system for programming. Even if you are a gamer, you can never hate this.

The UI interface is amazing as easy to understand for the newbie. It is developed by Microsoft and is a paid version. This is basically a licensed operating system. This is highly reliable in terms of safety and controlling this is easy for every programmer. This is great for programming but this is not specifically made for programming and so, you can use this for other purposes too.

The kernel type of Windows 10 is Hybrid and the userland is Nt Net. The browsing speed is fast and it has visual assistant named Cortana. The privacy of data is also ensured in Windows 10. For installing new updates, you will need to install Java every time which is a downside of Windows 10. We do not recommend seasoned programmers to use this operating system for programming. If you are new to this genre and you want something that is easy for you to understand programming, you can try this one.


Parcel Up

When you are here to get the best operating system for programming, you have to make sure that what facilities from the operating system do you one. Some people want hundreds of coding languages where other people might want pre-installed software and tools.

After knowing what you want, go through these top operating systems for programmers and get the one that will suit best to your requirements.