Best Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clocks of 2020

best bluetooth speaker alarm clock

Bedrooms are always incomplete without alarm clocks. Whenever you think that you need to remind yourself something and you want someone to make you remember that, you can have faith in alarm clocks. And with the development of technology, we are here with Bluetooth speaker alarm clock now.

These alarm clocks are amazingly versatile and you can use them for multiple purposes too. This is not only an alarm clock for you but you will be able to use this as a Bluetooth speaker too! So, listening to music and calling in a speaker is easier now if you are with the best Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks.

Here, we will talk about the four best Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks of the market that have state-of-art technology and incredible performance.


Top Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock


SVINZ Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock


Highlighted Features

  • Dual alarm clock
  • Available in both 24 hour and 12-hour formats
  • Works as speaker
  • Affords FM radio
  • Includes 9 minutes additional sleeping facility
  • 20 FM radio stations
  • Includes wireless charging station

This Bluetooth alarm clock is amazing when it comes to its performance. There are people who prefer 12-hour format and there are also people who feel comfortable with 24-hour format. No matter which group you belong to, you will get this SVINZ wireless charging dual alarm clock in both formats.

It also features the dual-separate wake-up times for your convenience. If you have personal preferences for any FM radio along with any standard buzzer, you can work with this too. You will be able to listen to your favorite FM radio when it will wake you up from the bed.

You also get the snooze feature along with four-level brightness settings. You will be able to set the brightness according to your own preferences. We have always been the people that wake up to sleep for 5 minutes more. And this is where this alarm clock will help it. It lets you sleep for more 9 minutes.

It has 20 different FM radio stations. The wireless charging option makes it one of the best wireless charging alarms. The charging facilities will go with both iOS and Android. You can also connect it with mP3 or mP4 and you can also go for non-Bluetooth devices!

iHome IBT29BC Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-functional designs
  • State-of-art technology
  • Several wake-up moods
  • Several colored displays
  • Includes TALK and END button
  • Compact in size
  • Charges the smartphone

The multi-functional design and modern use of technology can never go boring. This is what this Bluetooth speaker alarm is about. To make you comfortable and afford you fun like, this Bluetooth speaker alarm clock has 6 different shades of colors. There are several wakes up moods too. Changing the color of the cabinet is easy. Easier is to change the display with only one touch of button!

Also, the compact size makes it easily bearable. It has the ability to get connected with more than one device too. If you have a Bluetooth enables device, this device can easily stream music and make your life amazing. It can get connected with paired cellular functions of the phones too. It includes the button named TALK and END. The whole kit includes a charger and a USB charging port and that’s all!

It basically can charge your smartphones and along with that, the best part about this alarm clock is this can be connected to both the weird and wireless audio options!

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood + Taupe Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality audio
  • Gets connected with phones
  • Available FM radio
  • Gets connected with other devices via Bluetooth
  • Includes adjustable brightness
  • Plays music or radio in the morning

If audio quality is all you need, never settle for less. Try to get this one and you will never feel disappointed. The best-in-class audio of the Bluetooth speaker alarm clock is extremely high-quality. On the other hand, this speaker alarm clock is user-friendly too. If you are new here, you will never feel that understanding this speaker is tough!

This device has multi-functional abilities. It can easily get connected to smartphones. Also, it gets connected with other devices via Bluetooth. If you cannot wake up at the right time every morning, it will surely help you out. You will be able to wake up with the soothing voice of the radio, music or chime!

You can settle for weekly alarms and also, you can set the weekend alarms. The design of this device is amazingly beautiful. If you are searching for Bluetooth Speaker with a Clock display, get this one! You will be able to use FM radio and there are brightness options too. You can select SLEEP time and also NAP time so that you do not sleep the whole day!

Brandstand BPEBL CubieBlue Charging Alarm with Bluetooth Speaker

Highlighted Features

  • Goes with Android devices
  • Compact in size
  • Dual USB ports
  • Convenient charging
  • Two power outlets
  • Pass-through plug
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Regular alarm with single-day alarm

If you have an android device, you can completely rely on this alarm with Bluetooth speaker. You can carry this to wherever you go as this is compact in size and easy to bear. This alarm clock has dual USB ports for charging faster than before.

The alarm clock also includes two power outlets. You can play music with the help of Bluetooth. It has the regular alarm functions along with the single-day alarm. If you want to lessen the brightness at night, you can do that too. It easily fits the cabinet and has pass-through plug too.

Wrap Up

Getting an alarm clock that has noteworthy Bluetooth speaker facilities are great. But in the crowd of hundred Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks, it is tough for anybody to find the right one for you.

We have made things easier for you. We have mentioned the four best Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks here that can be the best bet in today’s market.

Get anyone from the above-mentioned Bluetooth speaker alarm clock and wake up whenever you want with your favorite song!

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